An Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation (Since 2008) Eastside projects commission, produce and present a range of art practices and demonstrate ways in which art may be useful as part of society. Utilising our expertise and specialist knowledge we develop and produce projects with Birmingham’s diverse publics and creative communities creating long term, sustained relationships and artworks which support the reimagining of the City.


Eastside Projects, Commissioning Agent

Andy Ingamells – Station Clock Producer/Composer

ANDY INGAMELLS is an experimental musician who develops unusual methods of composition that blur the line between composer and performer.

He has filled taxis with recorder players reading traffic lights as notation, played gold-painted pianos overflowing with buckets of red wallpaper paste, invented the game of violin cricket, and been tickled by improvisers playing his ticklish body as a musical instrument.

His work has been performed in the National Portrait Gallery, the Handel & Hendrix House Museum and Café Oto in London, the Orgelpark and Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam, the Lapidarium of Kings in Copenhagen, Walled City Festival in Derry, Birmingham International Dance Festival, and Cheltenham Music Festival.

Andy is also the producer/composer for Station Clock.

Our Producer/Composer