At the start of the year none of us could have possibly predicted that the world would be brought to a standstill by a pandemic. The UK went into lockdown and unfortunately charities were not exempt from these national restrictions.

At the time the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire closed its doors we had recorded 60% of the voices needed for ’12 Tones’, bringing together the voices of some 660 individuals from the city’s diverse communities.

’12 Tones’ forms the first part of our ambitious public art project called ‘Station Clock’ which is fully funded and now planned to conclude during 2021.

At the start of 2020 we had confirmation that HS2 would be going ahead, with the site of ‘Station Clock’ being secured in front of the main approach to the proposed new rail terminal between Millennium Point and Moor Street Station.

But as Covid-19 hit the economy nose-dived and HS2 was delayed once again, not to mention Brexit which came into effect from the 1st January 2021.

Despite these challenges our behind-the-scenes planning continued, with an army of volunteers.  Our fundraising strategy was put on hold pending the recovery of the business sector but we have taken this time to refresh our website.

This year also saw us strengthening our Board of Trustees as we sought to widen our diversity.  Our Steering Group has been strengthened too and is now poised to raise the remaining £1.5m needed to complete ‘Station Clock’. 

We enter 2021 with a real determination to succeed and deliver the largest public artwork that Birmingham has seen in the coming years.

My personal thanks go to everyone who has helped to steer our project thus far.  I wish you good luck in your respective businesses and a happy and healthy New Year.

Glyn Pitchford

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