One clock. 1,092 Birmingham voices, sounding the hour in the Chromatic Scale. 

With 2021 thankfully retreating into a dark corner, we can finally look forward to making good progress with our magnificent ‘Station Clock’.  

A world first, the aural artwork designed by Turner Prize-winning artist Susan Phillipsz will see the hourly chimes of a clock replaced by the twelve tones of the Chromatic music scale. 

On the hour, every hour, over a seven day period, the tones will be sounded, each one composed of between one and twelve recorded voices of Birmingham people. 

So far, we have managed to record an impressive 60 percent of the 1,092 individual voices we aim to include in the clock’s daily tones. 

Unrivalled, harmonious and unique, Philipsz’s aural landmark will perfectly mirror the people of Birmingham.

We are now concentrating on raising the £1.5 million required for the construction and installation of ‘Station Clock’ into the proposed new public square, fronting the HS2 terminal. 

Far more than an impressive artwork, ‘Station Clock’ will be a sound to inspire the city daily, a reminder of our emotional connection to each other, and a symbol of Birmingham’s creative prosperity. 

Remaining steadfastly determined, our team is wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering this exciting addition to Birmingham and the region’s cultural offer.

From myself, and the Birmingham Big Art Project team, we wish you all the best in the year ahead!

Glyn Pitchford

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