Multi-faith Nishkam schools associated with the prestigious Sikh establishment, Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha (GNNSJ), will hopefully participate in the Birmingham Big Art Project (BBAP) after a meeting between three organisational leaders in the city last year. 

First attending the Handsworth-based Nishkam centre back in October 2021, BBAP chair, Glyn Pitchford was shown around the complex as he briefed GNNSJ’s spiritual chief and chairman, Bhai Sahib, on the ‘Station Clock’ project. 

Executives from the Nishkam School Trust and Health Care Trust, as well as Nishkam’s director of infrastructure were present too. 

Accompanied by leader of Birmingham City Council, Ian Ward, Chairman Pitchford was then invited back to the Sikh organisation in November to determine how the charity could take part in the ‘Station Clock’ venture. 

It was a meeting with mutual interests at heart; the Sikh community wished to participate in more of Birmingham’s community enterprises whilst Chairman Pitchford and Cllr Ward outlined their intention of inviting leaders from Birmingham to become patrons of the world-first art project. 

A dedicated centre based upon the principle of Selfless Service and praying for flourishing of all without exception, ‘sarbat da bhala’, GNNSJ were keen to learn more about the inclusive art enterprise.

Bringing the attendees up to speed with ‘Station Clock’, a future, aural landmark designed by Turner Prize-winning Susan Philipsz, Chairman Glyn Pitchford’s proposal for BBAP patrons was welcomed and supported by Bhai Sahib. 

In response, the Sikh contingent revealed their wish to send a group of primary school children from their associated schools to the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, where the ‘Twelve Tones’ recording sessions will be resuming.

Spreading the word of the future masterpiece, Chairman Pirchford also attended an event hosted by the Birmingham firm Tyndallwoods Solicitors in December 2021. 

Held at the Birmingham & Midland Institute, the function included an exhibition of Susan Philipsz’s ‘Station Clock’ maquette, a miniature model of the artwork which is still available to view in the building. 

Maintaining a consistent dialogue with executives from the Nishkam centre, Chairman Pitchford is currently in the process of identifying how they can support the materialisation of Birmingham’s future public landmark. 

So watch this space! 

More news on the progression of ‘Station Clock’ will be coming your way soon. 

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