Susan Philipsz - Station Clock

Birmingham Big Art Project has announced the winning £2 million public artwork that has been commissioned for the city of Birmingham. Station Clock, by Turner Prize-winning Susan Philipsz, is a large-scale aural clock, comprising of 12 digits representing the 12 tones of the musical scales, using different vocal combinations for each digit. The sounds of ‘Station Clock’ will be made of up to 1,092 voices from Birmingham’s diverse population. The voices will sound on the hour every hour and last

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Birmingham Big Art Project announced the winning £2 million public artwork for Birmingham that is destined for Eastside Park, adjacent to the proposed HS2 terminal on Tuesday, April 18 2017. Arts organisations, professionals from across the city and key stakeholders were invited to the announcement of the winning artist, which was formally revealed by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham. This marks the beginning of the next phase of the project – the development and realisation of the

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